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Feedback from the 2012 Tenth Anniversary EmoTrance Conference:


Compliments to you all on organising an inspiring, educational and thought proving conference. All presentations were well prepared and structured, good variation in method of delivery. I look forward to the 2013 Emotional Transformation Conference.

Tim Joe Buckley, UK - 2012 Delegate

One day of EmoTrance is like returning from a month on a favourite beach holiday. All I can say is Silva has the wow factor and if you haven't experienced it, it's hard to believe that effortless changes in our awareness and intention can have such profound changes for the better, flowing through life. Thank you Silva 

Gary Derrick, UK - 2012 Delegate

We made it back to France and still feel the energy flowing. Hats off to the Emotional Transformation (EmoTrance) community, they were such a lovely high energy group sending and recieving sparkling energies all through the conference. It really made it easy to be a presenter...

Mark Robertson, France - 2012 Presenter

Only attended on Sunday and wow; amazing energy movement, insights... tools.  Thank you!

Cheryl Hopkins, UK - 2012 Delegate


Thank you all for a wonderful weekend at the Emotional Transformation Conference 2012. Doug and I came away full of ideas to work with together in the future. We are both excited about working on the new ideas we gained after using the CreativeTemplate with Lisa at the Conference. We have also been talking about having fun with friends by sharing some of the techniques we had interesting results with. The Conference not only showed us different ways of working with these wonderful techniques but also was a good reminder to revisit the various ways to use energy that we had already learnt in our training.

All in all a brilliant and fun weekend.

Linda & Doug Hopkins, UK - 2012 Delegate

Highlights of The 2012 EmoTrance Conference by Anne Sweet, 2012 Delegate

Drums Fun and Nuns (not to mention the Sex)

Yes you read that right - we will come to that later.

The conference kicked off with a warm welcome from Silvia and then straight into the first session entitled “The Gift”. How do you give the perfect gift? Sometimes I get it right and sometimes, for various reasons, I get it wrong. You know how it goes; you think you have lots of time to choose then time does the dirty on you and sneaks up on you. Before you know it you are rushing round the shops or on Ebay grabbing or clicking on any old thing as long as it’s something. Many of us have done it - given or received a bummer of a present. For example for his 22nd birthday my husband was given a black tie and a pair of odor eater socks - they did not even coordinate colour wise. I have to admit it time sneaks up on me and I fall for it again and again. “Will she ever learn?” you ask yourself. We will see ...

Silvia had my undivided attention. Using our energy minds we were instructed to make a connection with the recipient (someone you don’t know), to connect our energy mind to their energy mind, to choose the perfect gift, personal to them meaningful and helpful - something that the person needs right now. No pressure then. Well actually there was - Soften and flow. Of course we all have different experiences, come from different places and backgrounds, know different things. “That will be interesting,” I thought. Work with a partner, we were instructed. Panic! Worry that no one will want to work with me - Soften and flow.

Some one taps me on the shoulder. I wanted to hug them. “Thank you for choosing me” an overwhelming sense of relief floods my body and it feels good.

Gift given - Wow! A red rose. What a lovely present .I take a deep breath and to my amazement can smell the delicious scent of Turkish delight. Thank you, thank you, this means so many to me because …

My turn. This is a bit crazy I have got a…for you. Wow! How did I know you needed that? We both experience feelings of great relief, joy and laughter. We admire each other’s abilities to choose the perfect gift. Its not just us, the whole room is full of joy, laughter and wonder as we give and receive presents. And you don’t have to gift wrap it. Truly wonderful. We change partners and repeat the exercise. Except it is no longer an exercise - it is fun. “Hey you know what? We’re all good at this.” Then we did a collective exercise where Silvia chose people to stand inside a circle. Everyone on the outside had to offer a gift created from their energy mind and the people in the middle had to choose someone and receive their gift. Such choice, everyone held in their energy hands the perfect gift and we had to choose one. Not fair I want them all! After all I don’t want to offend people and reject their gift. (That’s my story.) I choose. The gift is generously given and for the shortest time I am left speechless. It was perfect, absolutely perfect.

My friend Will calls my name and offers me a pot of gold coins. Well you are not going to turn that down are you? Once again I gratefully, if not a little greedily, receive his gift. For a nano second, feeling faster than light, I remember all the conversations I have had about what to do if you come into a lot of money or win the lottery (think big Euro Millions!) How we would share it, give to deserving causes etc. and I become just like characters from the cartoon “Finding Nemo” - the seagulls who can only say ‘Mine!’ I think, “Mine all mine!” and then throw it all up in the air for everyone to share.

Detlev Tesch gave an excellent presentation on how to make our time sparkle with Emo Trance. It was one of his gifts to all of us and generously given. We all sparkled as he finished.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder and gave me yet another red rose.

Now for something completely different - Energy Drum Dancing with Mark Robertson. In his introduction Mark explained that Drumming has a deep grounding effect and “brings us into alignment with the Earth, Heaven and Center.” With focused attention we become aware of how we are all interrelated with the universe and so with one another.

I have never done this before - it was fantastic. A great experience. We all walked and danced round the room to the beat. Who knows what the hotel staff thought but there again The Europa is the home of the conferences and they must be used to it by now. I just had to get my hands on one of these drums and try it for myself. I felt the beat, the rhythms, the joy and an amazingly deep sense of peace. It feels fabulously mystical and sacred. If you ever get the opportunity to take part in Energy Drumming do. It is an experience not to be missed it will awaken something deep in your soul.

Note to self - Buy a drum.

More gifts given and received - I am beginning to detect a pattern here.

Patricia Dancing Elk Walls led the last session.

We were shown how to raise our vibrations permanently using Emo Trance.

Exercises included rebuilding your energy body with Emo Trance and using The Law of Attraction with Emo Trance. The second was particularly interesting. We were shown how to transform our emotions thus release resistance to change softening any blocks we may have to receiving. The important lesson here was to remove the blocks not just to talk about what you want or use mood boards but feel it in your body so that the new energy can be integrated and things will happen. After all, its you who wants to change not the mood board. I think this is a major point that all those books (you know the ones!) overlook.

She finished by leading us in a guided meditation, which surprisingly for some connected us with mother earth. Down we went deep into the centre, another magical experience, which for me complimented the Drumming and was a perfect end to a great day.

Saturday Evening we celebrated Emo Trances 10TH Birthday party.

Boy how we danced, we laughed. Mark played his drum. And the beat played on. Some of us shared a bottle of wine (or two). It was fun to watch all the men play the Air Guitar to Status Quo. Quite a sight as you can imagine. They all played it perfectly in sync with each other and not one wrong note. You can let your hair down at a party. Yes, and I know you are wondering, I danced with a nun. Great fun.

Day Two.

Sunday morning Sister Margarita Foley talked about Attracting Your Dream Lover.

It is not what you think! She may be a nun but she is an energist and fun. She led us in an exercise to become aware of our creative template, removing any blockages in our energy flow so that we could be connected with our original perfect blueprint. Next, working in pairs, we contacted our dream lover’s creative template and drew that energy into our bodies; in and out. Many people were moved and helped by this exercise. It was a lovely way to start the second day.

More gifts given and more received.

Now for something completely different.

Merlin Meets Modern Energy Magic - Enchanted Living and Practical Magick by the dynamic Oliver Peltier.

After a brief introduction he made the statement, “Magic is REAL.”

After what I have experienced over the past two days I have to agree with him.

This leads me onto one of my favorites: The Genius Symbols and a great way of using them.

We each were given a Jelly Baby. I was lucky I got my favorite colour and we were told not to eat it!

“What else do you do with Jelly Babies? Is it something to do with the presentation on Sex?” I wondered, “Help!’ Soften and flow. Then I heard the word “yet”. I was filled with relief and anticipation. That Jelly baby got my complete attention. Using our energy minds we placed our wishes into the perfectly formed, beautiful, jelly baby and then placed it into the middle of the Genius Symbols (a copy of which is in the conference manual) not Stonehenge. Then followed the best bit of all - we ate it. Yum! Note to self - must buy a big box of Jelly Babies - I forgot how good they were.

Another gift and another, they keep on coming and there is definitely a trend.

Some one is trying to tell me something ...

Energy, Story and Sound - Experiencing Energetic Soundscapes. Will Taylor, talented musical guy that he is, created wonderful music. I am a special fan as he did give me the pot of gold. I found it totally relaxing. I needed it after meeting my dream lover and experiencing the energy magic of Jelly babies and I knew that I would need my energy for the sex.

The Sex - Did you skip to this bit first?

This was presented after Lunch and for me, a glass of wine, as I thought I might need it. Very sensible so we had lots of energy. Like Sister Margarita’s Dream Lover a much anticipated event. Could be one of the highlights.

Hannah Bradley is nineteen yes-I said Nineteen. NINETEEN you read correctly!

She is also a beautiful talented girl. I am not jealous, honest, as she is the daughter of Kim one of my friends and, like Kim, I am very proud of her.

We talked about words that give rise to powerful feelings, some pleasant, some not. Some words don’t bother me. For the majority of my childhood I lived, and l later trained as a nurse, in Glasgow. Working in what was then called the Casualty Department I saw a lot and heard a lot. I also had to speak in a language that patients could easily understand. So, “Please can you void me a specimen of urine into this Universal Container” was translated as, “Please pee into this.”

We separated into groups. We had two men and three ladies in ours.

Discussion arose around the language of sex and how we feel about our bodies. Nervous laughter, foot shuffling, uncomfortable feelings coming up. Soften and flow. More discussion about dressing with low cut tops and what men do and think and why us females do it. Soften and flow. Out of the blue (EmoTrance never ceases to amaze me) this lovely gentle lady, and believe me she is a real lady in every sense of the word, did something very courageous outrageous and amazing. Something that left me speechless and full of admiration, something I that I would never have the courage to do. I am sure she would never have done a few minutes ago before we did some group Emo Trance. Something happened to her and consequently something happened to us and the energy in the group changed. Wow more laughter less foot shuffling. Great stuff.

The Second exercise was about healing a past event of a sexual nature that had resulted in blockages. We worked on ourselves. Interesting reactions. Soften and Flow.

The third exercise involved working in pairs and involved drawing in all the energy in the room that revolved around sex and masturbation, removing all blockages whatever they were, and working through them until we reached an Energized End State. Boy oh boy - the EmoTrance Orgasm.

Gifts were exchanged. And these included the exciting possibility of more sex, exotic underwear, a whip and a few other things.

This gets me back to the first session of the conference where we started to give energetic gifts to one another and the importance of connecting with each other. When we connect instantly we pick up lots of information that we can use and give the perfect gift to our beloved, our friends and family and our clients. This will make us better people, therapists and energists.

Silvia said a wonderful thing, that resonated through my body and soul, “I am no Angel but what I have to give, I give to you.” What more can you give?

So what gifts did I receive? Many, and each was perfect. By the end of the conference I had received lots of red roses (enough to make a bouquet), lavender plants, herbs and a garden - I work in gardens - I design them and plant them.

As well as ”a pot of gold” I received “a pussy cat”. I am a cat owner and also write a wacky weekly newsletter called “News from the Mews’, which involves the Neighbourhood Watch, which is made up of cats and is written by the Garden Fairy.

There were quite a lot of us at the conference and I know that I did not give every one a gift. Equally I did not receive a gift from every one - but I did. When we all tuned in to one another in that room we become part of the oneness so we did give each other the perfect gift. Some of us gave gifts without thinking about it.

I received a very special one and I would like to share it with you.

I have a recurring medical condition that should have been resolved by surgery. It is a tiny non-malignant tumor situated in my right ear. “Non-malignant” – that’s good news, you might think and you are right it is good news. The bad news is that it is in a very awkward spot and cannot be removed completely and it has an annoying habit of growing back. As a result I have suffered from pulsating tinnitus for many years. In addition I have suffered many misguided attempts to heal me.

For example ...

“You suffer from Tinnitus?” she looks at me her eyes lighting up. I explain the precise medical and surgical reasons for my problem but I don’t think she heard that part only the word, “Tinnitus.”

“Well have you got fillings?’

“Yes,” I admit, “A few. Well actually lots. Had loads after the birth of each child.” (I do brush my teeth honest.) Her smile gets wider, “You need to get rid of all your fillings. You have Mercury poisoning.”
The thought fills me with dread and I almost pass out. I take the card and quickly escape.”

Later that day: “Tinnitus? And you had surgery?” He looks at me. I can tell he is very disappointed in me. I squirm, how could I let myself be operated on? “Now Anne lets explore what you did not want to hear.” I smile and move on.

“Now Anne,” Says Katie, as she smiles at me ”I can help. Can you make the noise?”

“Noises! Not just one noise! I got two freebies.” I say to my self and my hopes start to sink. “Can you make the NOISE.” she repeats very slowly, “go fainter?” I smile and make an excuse about wanting to see a Holistic Dentist maybe it is the mercury after all!

Since then I have kept quite about my tumor only sharing the diagnosis with a few trusted friends, until now.

It is the pre-conference training day on Energy Hypnosis. I meet a lovely lady and suddenly I find myself telling her about the tumor. She listens. She does not interrupt me. When I finish telling her, she offers no quick cure. Instead she gives the best possible gift - she understood.

The conference and pre conference training was fantastic. There were other speakers I have not had time to mention. They stepped in when others could not make it. Not only did they step in they stepped up to the mark and I thank them.

I laughed, I cried and I cried laughing. I met old friends made new ones. I learned a lot.

I have been writing a two day course for the AMT “Energy Healing for the 21st Century”. I thought it was finished and ready to teach. Now I find I have to change it. I am teaching it for the first time in May. But that’s only to be expected, after all it is a course for the 21st century and we are only at the beginning of the second decade so there are many more changes to come. The ability to embrace change is one of the reasons I love the AMT.

One final thought. Will I be at the next conference? What do you think?

Anne Sweet UK 07903 522500

Delegates from the 2012 EmoTrance Tenth Anniversary Conference


Feedback from the 2011 EmoTrance Conference:


It was such a boost to be part of this very special nurturing weekend. Fabulous content, such honesty and integrety from all the guest speakers, wonderful!

Jane Stredder, UK - 2011 Delegate

What a FABULOUS conference - really thought provoking, energising and worthwhile. I met so many fantastic people and learnt so many amazing things. My thanks to the organisers and hope to contunue with my Trainers course in the not so distant future!

Denise Naven, UK - 2011 Delegate


I enjoyed all the presentations, but was particularly impressed by Hannah Bradley's. She is a real advertisement for EmoTrance, and Kim's teaching and support.

Maeja Raicar - 2011 Delegate


The conference was fantastic.  Again it exceeded all expectations and was agreed it was the best yet.  So many new ideas and inspirations came forth and deep personal healing was had by all.

Kim Bradley, UK - 2011 Presenter


My second conference and it just gets better and better. Well done everyone!

Tricia Cochrane - 2011 Delegate

A great conference and the subsequent trainer workshop was exceptional thanks to Silvia and Sandra and the group-thank you so much, it was a privelege being part of it.

Bruce Lawson - 2011 Delegate


It was a special conference and very different too. Because we were a smaller group there seemed to me to have been greater opportunity for exchange of experiences. I am so grateful for all the experiences. Roll on 2012 and I hope many more people will find what they need to come as it is so rich to hear other people's discoveries and use of Emotrance in their lives and relationships as well as in work and play.

Sister Margarita Foley - 2011 Presenter


The EmoTrance conference was absolutely marvelous in oh so many ways. I really felt that there was something completely different going on this year, there seemed to be this brand new energy forming, perhaps a star really is being born. It seemed so graceful, natural and right, an innocent and gentle pulse ever moving forward.

Will Taylor - 2011 Delegate


Awesome conference - best ever! Never met so many thoroughly nice people in one place at the same time. What a privilege to have been there. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended, gave so generously of themselves in every way - you're awesome! xxx

Silvia Hartmann - 2011 Presenter


The weekend and trainer's training was exceptional. I felt as if I found a new family of kindred souls. It was wonderful!

Shayn Smith - 2011 Delegate


More Feedback and Photos from the Conference on www.facebook.com/emotrance!






Feedback from 2010 EmoTrance Conference:

A brief message to compliment and thank the co-ordinators,presenters and tutors of the fast track practitioner course and conference 23rd to 25th April incl. I look forward to using my skills in my practice, actually I began yesterday with a student doing final exams at second level. Im so impressed with your structure, its balanced, practical, empowering and un-complicated in delivery to clients. Yours thankfully,

Tim J, Ireland - 2010 Delegate


Hello Dear Ones, I am back to France and still having the Conference energy in my bones. It was simply wonderful and I want to thank the organizers and speakers and simply everybody who assisted at the conference for the beautiful energy of joy and love we created together. It is rare that I feel this kind of freedom in a group - it felt like family in the best sense of the word. I want to give a special Thank You to Silvia and Nicola, whom I had the occasion to meet for a quite long talk in the last moment. I feel highly encouraged to grow beyond my limits now and made already the first steps for putting my legs and healing hands out of my snail shell. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you all,

Annette, France - 2010 Delegate

I 100% concur that ET10 was fantastic and I am really heartened to be a part of this fantastic energy community of support, growth and love. I feel so blessed to be able to share it with my teenage daughter as no doubt Silvia has felt about sharing it with her fantastic sons and wish more mum's could do the same. Hope everyone got home safely and see you all again soon.

Kim Bradley, UK - 2010 Presenter


I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone again ET2010 was the best conference yet! All our speakers were really amazing with fabulous inspiration for our business and personal development.

Sandra Hilliaw, UK - 2010 MC & Presenter


Thank you all for a wonderful conference. You were the best audience ever and I loved every minute of my presentation, thank you for being so brave and going for it!

Baya Salmon-Hawk, UK - 2010 Presenter


Thank you all for a great weekend. As a fairly new EmoTrancer, it is the first time I meet with so many people with the same interest in this fantastic technique. I learnt a lot and had a fab time!

Inger Lise, UK - 2010 Delegate


I really gained a great deal from this years Conference. Today, my energy is flowing in these "Ocean's of Energy". I am in even flow with the warmth of gratitude flowing through me; I am so grateful for the opportunity to present the theories that have come about practising EmoTrance in the clients that I serve. Swirls of love, light and joy to those that made this possible,

Teresa Lynch, USA - 2010 Presenter


A wonderful weekend really enjoyed myself and met some lovely people. Thank-you,

Mary Grace, UK - 2010 Delegate


What a wonderful experience and it was so lovely to be together again. I never get tired of the conferences. Every year there is like an opening up of new and more wonderful worlds in which EmoTrance is such a natural part. I loved all the workshops and giving one. Thank you all for your love and encouragement. I look forward each year to the Conference and now we have the Energy Psychology to look forward to. With love and blessings,

Margarita Foley,  UK - 2010 Presenter


Want to say how FAB! the whole conference was and wonderful to be with like minded individuals where we can discuss ways to try and raise the vibration of the planet as a whole and bring personal peace to those that are looking for it. I am really looking forward the the Conference in November.

Andrea, UK - 2010 Delegate


Thank you all for a superb time at the EmoTrance Conference and Trainers Training. It was brilliant and an honour to meet Silvia Hartmann the Creator of EmoTrance along with Nicola Quinn who played a very important role in this. The guest speakers were superb and a real inspiration with all the wonderful tips, techniques and new ideas.

Linda, UK - 2010 Delegate


Best wishes and thanks to everyone "on the Team" for a wonderful weekend - I met some lovely people and also learned a great deal.

Judie, UK - 2010 Delegate


I would like to thank everyone for making the EmoTrance Conference a wonderful experience for me. I really came not expecting anything and left with a wealth of information and a network of wonderfully beautiful people from many countries. I look forward to seeing everyone again.

Naela, USA - 2010 Delegate


EmoTrance 2010: Relaxed, friendly, informative and inspirational. A great opportunity to hear from others and reflect on my own understanding and practice with like-minded people.

Chris, UK - 2010 Delegate


I was lucky to make it to the Conference from Dublin - and I had a wonderful time. Alex: you made it all flow so perfectly that it all looked easy! That's when things have been done really well. Congratulations and many thanks.

Clíona, UK - 2010 Delegate


My first Emo Trance conference and it was brilliant. Everyone was friendly, speakers were hands on. Really enjoyed the group work, self healing always a bonus. Definitely want more, looking forward to next year and will stay longer, felt I missed out by not being there on the Friday. Big thanks to everyone for making it a fab experience, with lots of learning.

Tricia, UK - 2010 Delegate


I left the Conference with a vision of my lovely EmoTrance Family in my heart and a vision of the person I am when I flow within the flow... Thanks all!

Baya Salmon-Hawk, UK - 2010 Presenter


Let me take this opportunity to state that the pre-conference 'one day practitioner training' meant a lot to me as it enabled me to 'experience' the energy in a more meaningful way. The training was excellent and the cohort of trainees were wonderful people.

Frank Franklyn, UK - 2010 Delegate


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