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EmoTrance Distance Learning StudentYes! YOU Really Can ...
Become A Fully Certified & Licensed

EmoTrance Practitioner (ETP)

with the official EmoTrance Distance Learning Program* **
*Especially created by the originator of EmoTrance, Dr Silvia Hartmann, for distance learning students. Contains many special exercises for distance learning students AS WELL AS all the normal techniques and skill sets of the live practitioner trainings.
** Professional training course with tutor support. Contains the full practitioner manual PLUS further helpful documents, manuals & downloads to ensure first class support for EmoTrance students worldwide.
  • This is a truly EXCITING course for anyone who wants to learn more about energy - with full tutor support and packed full of SPECIAL EASY EXERCISES to make the worlds of energy come to life for YOU.
  • Extremely affordable, packed full with benefits and extra support, this is the easiest way to learn EmoTrance in-depth and become one of the first generation EmoTrance practitioners in YOUR part of the world.
  • EmoTrance is not just a FANTASTIC stand alone healing modality, but it also dovetails BEAUTIFULLY with, and significantly ENHANCES the practise of ANY other real energy methodology, including energy medicine, energy psychology, Reiki, Feng Shui, Yoga, Aikido, Quantum Touch, Cone Therapy, EFT, TAT and so much more!
  • This course leads to FULL certification and listing in the World Wide EmoTrance Practitioner registers online and in the official yearbook as well as ALL the other entitlements available to a fully certified EmoTrance practitioner.
  • This qualification allows you to take part in and present at The International EmoTrance Conference, and enrol in advanced live EmoTrance events, as well as ultimately becoming  an EmoTrance TRAINER yourself!
  • EmoTrance is EXTRAORDINARY. Here is YOUR CHANCE to really learn true life skills which will stay with you forever, grow with you and truly EMPOWER YOU - unlock the Oceans Of Energy and make them work for YOU, for your loved ones and for your clients.
Fantastic Value For Money
Comes complete with outstanding additional study materials
AND full tutor support to guide you all the way:

Course Contents:

Unit 1

Introduction & Welcome
The Unique Benefits Of Being An EmoTrance Practitioner
The Even Flow
Healing The Energy Person
Healing With Help From The Creative Order
The EmoTrance Client Practitioner Dance
Understanding Feelings, Emotions & Sensations

Unit 2

The Power Of Your Vision & Intention For The Client
Evoking The Creative Template
Healing With The Energy Body
Healing Hands
Utilising The Conscious Mind In Healing
Working With Innocent Energy

Unit 3

Understanding The Nature Of Energy
Healing Pain In The Energy System
Starting To See Energetic Realities
Explaining Energy To Clients
First EmoTrance Experiences
The Prime Directives Of Energy Work
The EmoTrance Session Progression
Achieving The Energized End State

Unit 4

Energy Nutrition
Essential Color Exercises
Introduction To Working With Shields
Discovering & Dissolving Shields
Learning With Energy
Cognitive Changes & Information Flow

Unit 5

Handling People Energies
Problems Without A Voice
Opening To People Energies
Getting Clear On People
Love & Hate Exercises
Miracles & The Energy System

Unit 6

Inside The Human Energy Matrix
Thoughtfields As Existing Energetic Realities
Changing Thoughtfields - The Rainbow Connection
Moving Stuck Thoughtfields
Working With Guiding Stars
Working With Trauma Thoughtfields
Thoughtfields & Goal Setting

Unit 7

EmoTrance Exorcisms
Freedom From Fear
Fear & Insanity
Flowing Stress Away
Resolving High Stress Situations
Breaking Out Of Thought Loops - Thought Flow
Snow Globes Exercise
Dealing With Demons
The Deepest, Darkest, Oldest Burdens Resolved
Towards A New Life

Unit 8

EmoTrance & Essential Energies
The Sun Healer
Using Essential Energies To Heal Others
Crystal Healing With EmoTrance
Energy Allergies
Allergies, Addictions & Weightloss
The EmoTrance Evolution Model
The Higher Energetic Realites
Soul Guidance
*Each course unit contains a mixture of relevant information and specially designed exercises for the distance learning student, a glossary of terms plus a brief Unit Test.
Upon completion of the final unit, the student is eligible to gain full EmoTrance Practitioner Certification through the Sidereus Foundation, receive their official certificate and seal and is then accorded all the rights and privileges that come with any EmoTrance Practitioner certification.

Yes! You Really Can ...
Become A Fully Certified EmoTrance Practitioner
Learn How To Use The POWER Of EmoTrance
For Yourself, Your Loved Ones And Your Clients!
EmoTrance Certificate Sample


Additional Materials Included In The Course Fee:

  • The Enchanted World Reference PDF
  • Oceans Of Energy Reference PDF
  • The EmoTrance Healing Circle For ETPs Only PDF
  • Complimentary Discount Voucher $50 For Live Trainings/Conference
  • Full Certification Fee (Sidereus Foundation)
  • 1 Year EmoTrance Practitioner's License Fee
Plus LIVE Tutor Support.
EmoTrance Home Study Girl
Comments From Previous Students:
"Thank you for making this EXCITING course available for distance learning.

I've read "Oceans of Energy" LOTS of times and I've been trying things out with my clients and with my friends, but this course is really giving me the confidence and the understanding I needed to be able to share this amazing discovery with others.

This is a complete gift, I feel so lucky to have received this from you - and my clients send their energised "Thank YOU"s as well!"

Cary Heisenberg, Cologne, Germany

"ET may not make the lame walk again, but it can stop the heartbroken from having a heart attack, or the abuse victim from getting cancer. ET is about helping people to be how they were meant to be before life interferes in it.
It is healing the spirit in the way that nothing else can.
Every treatment of the person will not only make a difference to their lives, but to my own."
Jennine Allen, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

"As an EmoTrance practitioner you are helping individuals experience, possibly for the very first time, what it truly feels like to live a life full of joy and abundance such that they are in awe and wonder of everything in the Universe from the smallest to the largest, and everything in between.

The ETP has an opportunity to make a real difference to their client’s perception of what is possible for them and help them on their way to live a joyous, peaceful and tranquil life.
Indeed anything less than these experiences are not EmoTrance!
I know now I remained in a job I didn’t really enjoy for 30 years because of fear of the unknown.
I am sure there are many many people who experience the same fear. EmoTrance offers the promise of dissolving many negative emotions so that people can really start to live again and realise their true potential.

I feel honoured to be part a process which can make such a major difference in peoples’ lives."
Peter Field, Sheffield, GB

"What I love most about ET and being an ETP is how simple and basic it is. I love that one can sidestep “the stories” behind the blockages, though the stories may be important in another time and place.
To be able to assist someone within a very short time reclaim calm, joy and tranquility without giving up their own sense of power, without medications, without feeling less than is a gift to be shared."

Mitzi Cline, Colorado, United States of America

"I’ve been searching for a process that is simple, spiritual, non-invasive, yet powerful and empowering to both the client and the practitioner. As a nurse and massage practitioner, I realized that all the bodywork modalities out there deal superficially and do not address the deep, core issues of the spirit.

I’m excited to learn a process in which I don’t have to waste my breath telling people what they already know. It’s great to know that a system exists that respects the client and subtle energy system."

Mary Cruz, Guam, United States of America

"What is so exciting about being an ETP is that it makes healing so easy, and at everybody's hands. It opens up a whole new way of looking at problems and emotions also, one that makes you feel you can do something about it.
And it is fantastic to be around when people drop shields or reach an energised endstate – it just feels fantastic to be around people who open up to their potentials, being happy, free, smiling, laughing, shining and new.
That is a possibility for more people, and I love to spread those vibes in the world"

Susann Forsberg, Hellerup, Danemark

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