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EmoTrance 10 - Call for Presenters

EmoTrance 10 - Call for Presenters

We are pleased to welcome presentation proposals for the 2012 EmoTrance Energy Conference!

Read on for more details and what we are looking for...

What have you been doing with EmoTrance this year? What excites you most about working with EmoTrance? Share your ideas and best energy experiences with your fellow EmoTrancers at the Tenth Anniversary conference April 21/22 2012.

We are preparing for a full on two day energy party to help us celebrate the real joy and excitement that is EmoTrance.

The EmoTrance conference is like no other energist get together - here's your chance to let a dedicated group of people lift you up and help you evolve as a speaker and presenter at the same time as you inspire them in turn!

Click here to send us your presentation proposal

Please send your proposal in via the contact form, with a short about you section and a more detailed section on your chosen presentation topic

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