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EmoTrance Crystal Energy Workshop - Free!

by Silvia Hartmann

EmoTrance Crystal Energy Workshop - Free!

It's conference time again - and many of our friends can't make it to the Europa to take part in the wonderful experience that is the EmoTrance conference. Other energy conferences try to be very scientific - with EmoTrance, we just want to have fun and a good time, playing with the many ways in which you can feel like a million dollars when your energy system wakes up and comes to life.

We thought about what we can do so people aren't sitting at home all sad and disappointed, so here is a gift for everyone - a lovely Crystal Energy workshop with all the exercises from ET09 to do by yourself, with friends or as a paying workshop - Enjoy!

You can find the complete EmoTrance Crystal Healing workshop with all the exercises, explanations, some lovely sparkling pictures of crystals to inspire you and the workshop outline to present your very own Crystal Energy workshop here:


With many thanks to Silvia Hartmann who made this available to all!


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