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The Heart Beam EmoTrance Pattern

by Detlev Tesch

The Heart Beam EmoTrance Pattern

"I had my right hand on my upper left chest when I felt a kind of stirring in my heart of energy. Very much like powering up a generator. I lifted my hand up about 30 cm and opened up the energy flow from my heart through the arm and through my hand."

Find out how to use the "Heart Beam" energy to dissolve stubborn energy blockages in yourself and others!

Occasionally I wake up in the morning and find myself in a pretty bad space emotionally. Mostly it is a sadness or an anxiety or a combination of unpleasant emotions. Even with EmoTrance and EFT I find it difficult to have them flow.

One day when I focussed on theses emotions I got the distinct sense that they were *not my* emotions.

Possibly a person in the house had an outburst of emotions that somehow got stuck in my system, or a person passing in the street, or even someone farther away but somehow connected to me. Or maybe some very old stuff of my own. Hmm...

Ok... it's only an energy, soften & flow. That is, of course, our well known standard procedure.

Just that it mostly didn't seem to work so well with this kind of energy. Maybe there was something in my own system keeping me from really healing myself powerfully. And at the time I didn't have anyone to help me - plus I didn't feel like calling anyone and *ask* for help.

So this one morning I found myself in one of those states. Sadness, despair, fear, and absolutely no reason for it that I could think of. There was a sensation of an incoming energy on the left side of my chest, in my left shoulder and upper arm.

It didn't seem to respond to "soften & flow".

"Oh gosh, what am I going to do? I don't want to have my day filled with that. I won't get things done, will feel miserable, and will hate it."

I had my right hand on my upper left chest when I felt a kind of stirring in my heart of energy. Very much like powering up a generator. I lifted my hand up about 30 cm and opened up the energy flow from my heart through the arm and through my hand.

The energy streamed from my hand like a beam from an electric torch (or a ray gun).

This was very powerful and caused a lot of that energy to melt and flow away almost instantly. I dare say that saved my day.

I have since experimented with it some.


The Heart Beam Pattern

The way you use it is like this:

If you encounter a particularly "difficult" energy ...

  • Locate it as usual ("Where do you feel it in your body?").
  • For a moment focus your attention on your heart of energy.
  • Feel the power rising in your heart of energy.
  • Open the channels to let the energy flow powerfully through your arm(s) and hand(s).
  • Direct this energy beam to the affected area.
  • *Allow* the energy to heal all affected elements of the energy system and to soften the blocked energy.
  • Allow the energy to flow.
  • Continue until it has all gone.
  • Tune into the emotion and the affected area again.
  • If any thing comes up continue.
  • If not: enjoy your day. :)

You can also use this when working with clients.

The other day I was travelling doing another promotion for my EmoTrance trainings giving sessions at a bargain price so people who were unsure as to whether EmoTrance was for them or not could easily find out at little risk.

In cases that seemed somewhat difficult I turned on the "heart beam" and it worked like a charm in almost all cases.

Marvellous! I was delighted. So were the clients. Most of them were interested in taking a seminar and some signed up for the next one in that area. Lovely!!

Now, I have so often assisted my clients with my energy, softening and flowing blockages etc, but it had never occurred to me to *consciously and directly* use the power of the energy heart. And in my experience that makes a big difference.

So, in case you haven't done it naturally - which I think quite a few people might actually do just that - why not experiment with consciously doing "EmoTrance straight from the heart".

I wish you lots of success with this pattern.


-- Dipl.-Oek. Detlev Tesch

International Speaker and Coach Trainer of EmoTrance and EFT Public Speaking and Presentations

www.webtesch.de & www.emotrance.eu

  by Detlev Tesch   
Detlev Tesch
Detlev Tesch

EFT and EmoTrance

Oh boy, did I go through a lot of books, courses, conferences, and training since I was introduced to Energy Work and spirituality in 1999. The very first workshop was on energy healing - something I didn't even beleive in at the time   ...   LOL

Around 2005 I met EFT and began to work with it in coaching and in workshops. It worked quite nicely and was pretty successful. I achieved the CC and ADV certificates from Pat Carrington.

But then something very significant happened and changed things dramatically: I learned EmoTrance in 2007.

ET was quite the revelation for me and I all but dropped EFT completely. ET is just so logical, so structurally simple and so focussed on energy. So ET became "my thing". I became a Practitioner, a Trainer, a seaker at ET conferences and a Trainer Trainer. I also did the Relationships Consultant Training with Sandra Hillawi.

And EFT? Well it didn't feel quite right anymore.

So how come I am back, using it with clients and teaching it?

Easy: It is not classical EFT but Energy EFT and Positive EFT. So energy is in it explicitly and even is the focus. And we go not just for "no more pain" but go for feeling great. Now it feels right again.




My professional education comprises a university degree (comparable to a masters degree) which seems to be a bit of a German speciality: Diplom-Ökonom. We were taught a combination of economics and business administration.

For a few years I worked in resarch projects at my university before I was offered a job in business.

Quite soon however I became a trainer and coach in public speaking and other areas of communication.

Well, you will probably not be suprised to hear that I discovered something disconcerting: the real problems in this subject area do not have to do techniques or knowledge, they are on the emotional level.

What a bummer!!

This fact and my own life situation then had me searching for ways to deal with such problems and it was quite a journey with many, many stops. I could now list all the many courses and trainings, but I will not bore you with that. 

I am now very happy with EmoTrance and Energy EFT/Positive EFT and maybe our paths will cross (again?) and we'll have a nice energy conversation.

Best wishes

Detlev Tesch


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