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Shields To Healing

by Silvia Hartmann

Shields To Healing

Many people feel unloved, uncared for, lonely even though there are many who are wishing them well and in fact are trying to send them energies of support and healing. This happens when a person has shields that prevent supportive, uplifting and healing energies from other people to enter their energy system. Here is a short case in point and an exercise to remove shields to healing by Silvia Hartmann.

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I heard the other day about a lady who was seeking distant healing from the members of a Reiki group. Many responded with immediate good wishes and sendings of energy to her - but then she said she wasn't feeling any better and that in fact, she had felt nothing at all although "she had read the words and they sounded nice".

Clearly, this lady had MASSIVE shields to receiving any kind of healing or friendly or loving or supporting energy from others, no matter how well meaning they might be.

It occurs to me to think that even though this lady might be an extreme case, this is something we might all have or do to some extent.

As long as we are or seem to be functionally "healthy", this doesn't seem an issue (although I would hold that it's possible we could all be a whole lot healthier if we didn't have shields to incoming healing energy from other people or possibly even higher powers as well!).

But when we get sick, like this lady did, the situation gets critical - and then it's really not a good time to have to learn a whole new system of working with your own "shields to healing" and keep the focus and have the energy to take them down and sort out what lies behind them.

That is going to be so much harder when you are already distressed and in crisis.

So as an exercise for the members of this group, it might be interesting to explore where your personal "shields to healing" are located and take them out right now.

It is possible that if we do that, our health improves anyway - more energy to the right places, those where we have our personal fault lines and where we are most likely to manifest whatever is ruled by those systems.

I think that's quite an interesting and potentially very helpful suggestion - and I thank the lady in question for bringing this to our attention.


If there were shields to healing, where would they be located?

Show yourself with your hands.

Make a small hole, feel what happens when you do.

ET the energy in, through and out.

Dissolve the shield when you're ready.


NB. It occurs to me there may be further shields to helpful energies, and other types of available support you're just not getting the benefit of, such as shields to angels, shields to abundance and so forth.

Interesting ... :-)

Silvia Hartmann


  by Silvia Hartmann   

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