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EmoTrance Case Story: The Stuck Energy of Betrayal

by Dez Sellars

EmoTrance Case Story: The Stuck Energy of Betrayal

After attending the 2012 Tenth Anniversary EmoTrance Conference and becoming one of the new generation of EmoTrance Practitioners, Dez Sellars decided to share his first professional Emotional Transformation session with a client.

Presenting Issues:

  • Husband betrayed her and slept with a neighbour for 7 months
  • Lets her husband walk all over her
  • Hospital fear of operation for this Thursday
  • Her Dad Passed away 3 years ago

Read on for the full case study...

Each Energy block was at the solar plexus level and each flowed out through her elbow.

Repeated and tested all the above and ended up with a healing event for each issue which resulted in her being happy and buzzing all over (and me!).  

It was so nice to connect with people in this way and explain to them that it's not their Energy, it is just (hurt/betrayal/shock/grief) etc... being represented as stuck Energy and held onto, they do not need to hold on to it as it does not belong to them, its like an energetic punch which is still hurting/ stuck.

Once they get that and understand everything up until now is just a story and the real issue is the stuck/ trapped energy - and that they can indeed soften and flow and let it all go, is liberating for the client and the Practitioner alike.

Thank you for this Gift which keeps on giving.

Dez Sellars
Emotional Transformation Facilitator.

  by Dez Sellars   
Dez Sellars

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Former GOE Professional Member in Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, England.

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