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"EmoTrance is one of the most effective self-help tools I have come across for processing emotions and releasing the blocks to self-acceptance."

Dr Mark Atkinson - Author of The Mind-Body Bible

"There is something about the natural grace and beauty of Emotrance that is absolutely intriguing.".

Carna Zacharias-Miller

"The whole concept of EmoTrance is so very exciting ... an empowering experience".

Sri Diamond

"Of course I was very sceptical about EmoTrance but my experience has shown me how effective and intoxicating it can be to pay attention to the energies in the body and to let them find their way out."

Gottfried Sumser

"EmoTrance is a quantum leap forward to the truth and something that has been there all the time just waiting to be re-discovered."

Gill Oliver

"In this day in time, when I see so many listless people, whose lives are at best mundane, and realistically are virtually joyless, the prospect of assisting them to find joy is thrilling to me."

Linda Economides

"EmoTrance is such a beautiful way to help heal our world effectively and efficiently, ultimately on a large scale."

Jennine Allen

"EmoTrance is amazingly simple and yet very effective and powerful."

Corinne Alexandre

"I came with an open mind and was extremely impressed. Very beneficial and powerful. EmoTrance is a useful tool that I can use alongside my other skills."

Linda Spencer

"I feel amazed at both the simplicity and the power of EmoTrance."

Ela Burton

"EmoTrance gets down to the crux of emotional and physical issues without any jargon or superficial overlay."

Pat Wynne

"EmoTrance is a fantastic healing tool to be used on its own or in conjunction with other therapies."

Nigel Deans

"After exploring numerous energy healing modalities, EmoTrance is the only one with which I have finally made signigicant shifts in my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical condition: from heaviness to lightness; from depression to joy, from fatigue to high energy."

Robert Smith

"The feedback and results from my clients have been amazing, and I feel much more empowered while attending to any situation of my own personal and business life."

Figen Genco

"I consider EmoTrance to be the most important spiritual breakthrough this millennium so far."

Eolake Stubblehouse

"I believe that my patients will really appreciate the deep elegance of EmoTrance."

Baya Salmon-Hawk

"EmoTrance is an amazing experience of just how good you can feel, how much more powerful you can be and how much more there is waiting - just for you."

Steve Bishop

"I have found is that EmoTrance is an easy, simple and refreshing way to do what we are here for, to grow and develop with each other."

Larry Hanus

"I began applying EmoTrance to every negative emotional feelings that I have, and boy does it work. In fact I have temporarily put EFT aside in favour of Emotrance which is much easier and faster for emotional stuff."

Phua HH

"In EmoTrance, I have found the process that I have been waiting for my entire life. Finally I feel as though I can not only put my own past behind me, but to help others achieve spiritual freedom too. This is a gift of immeasurable proportions to me."

Anne Henning

"EmoTrance is a process that is simple, spiritual, non-invasive, yet powerful and empowering to both the client and the practitioner."

Jane Riddick

"To be able to assist someone within a very short time reclaim calm, joy and tranquility without giving up their own sense of power, without medications, without feeling less than, is a gift to be shared."

Mitzi Cline

"I find EmoTrance not only to not conflict with other methods, it is like that last piece of a jig saw puzzle that clicks everything into place."

Donald Mitchell

"I want to sing and dance and shout to the world, "Hey everybody, hear this. Come and truly enjoy life. Come alive. Look, what a magical world we are living in. We are in paradise Now. There is no need to suffer anymore! There is no need!"

Mohammed Abdul-Razak

"EmoTrance is beautiful and powerful, it subtly alters emotions losing negativity and replacing it with delight."

Teri Howlett

"What I am really excited about are the possibilities Silvia Hartmann is outlining in this work. This is what I want, this is what every one of my clients wants."

Jim Hermann

"My personal experience with EmoTrance has been wonderfully rewarding."

Joan Hitlin

"I originally trained as a hypnotherapist and have practised both hypnotherapy and MET's for the past few years.  I have been playing with EmoTrance recently and I love it."

Chrissie Hardisty

"I am thrilled with EmoTrance."

Maryanna Tracey

"I want to thank Silvia Hartmann for her wonderful discovery and excellent creation of the EmoTrance protocol to go with it."

Jeanette Pettiford

"I am completely in love with EmoTrance. The amazement and delight of realizing what is happening, and the possibilities dawning. Incredible watching all that light up people's eyes."

Debbie Phillips

"My wife LOVES EmoTrance. She took to it beautifully and has used this elegant technique to resolve some difficult situational issues."

Tres Schaffer

"It is thrilling to know that I am working with the Creative Order, helping people function in the way they are designed to."

Helena Svedin

"Fascinating, that it can be so easy and magnificent to help people out."

Manuela Csikor

"The possibilities for healing myself and others really does seem limitless. EmoTrance is so simple and yet so profound."

Bob Huffman

"What excites me most is that EmoTrance is simple and totally client centred."

Tony Birdfield

"With EmoTrance the best part is working on an emotion as it happens! Immediate healing!"

Dawn Bradley

"What attracts me to EmoTrance is the sheer ease of application sans the religious dogma or lineage prejudices typically associated with other forms of healing."

Charles Austin

"EmoTrance is so easy to learn and do, it is delightful. Since I have learned EmoTrance, I cannot tell you how much joy it has brought into my life."

Margarita Foley

"EmoTrance is such an easy process and so natural!"

Lutz Stradmann

"I felt physical sensations I hadn't experienced before, in places I had never experienced any sensations at all!"

Helen Ryle

"Silvia Hartmann has taken the revolutionary new field of energy therapy to the next level."

Lyman Griffin

"The EmoTrance process is simple to use and to learn. It can be applied almost anywhere. The principle allows one to connect to almost all aspects of living, and of the nature around us."

John Mathai

"My mission is healing and EmoTrance is the instrument I was looking for to improve my healing work."

Eliza Spetter

"EmoTrance is not just a tool for healing and transformation, its brought me to a new level of awareness and a new way of being."

Sandra Hillawi

"This EmoTrance process is dramatically decreasing the amount of reflexology treatments clients require because I can help them release emotions I can see are related to their condition  The two combined excellently together."

Kath Baker

"Dump Negative or Painful Memories -  by learning a simple but effective technique called EmoTrance."

Alice Hart-Davis

"What I find most exciting about EmoTrance are the wonderful results I've already been able to achieve and am continuing to achieve using this modality. I also find it great that EmoTrance offers such a powerful, yet simple way of facilitating remarkable changes quickly and easily."

David Fleming

"EmoTrance creates deep, lasting change that you can feel."

Sophie Goldstein

"I am very drawn to the Emotrance modality because it gives great potential for bringing about wellness, both for myself and for future clients, in a deep and lasting way."

Jyoti Phull

"I found EmoTrance very exciting and definitely an answer to my prayers of how else can I help a person heal when their spirit is weak."

Christy L’Angel

"The most attractive and convincing fact about EmoTrance is that it is based on the Even Flow of the Creative Order. A thoroughful and sensitive assisting behaviour of the practitioner being on an equal level with the client."

Alfred Scheib

"EmoTrance is easy and able to be accomplished by anyone, empowers people to realize they are not at the total mercy of someone else and do have some control over their own lives."

Diane Sprigg

"EmoTrance is truly the cutting edge of where and how I can experience and help facilitate healing at this moment in my evolution."

Dylan Newcomb

"EmoTrance is not only a stand alone but "the" great bolt-on therapy. Wonderful."

Tom Wynn

"EmoTrance is simple, portable and easy."

Adam Wilson

"The beauty of EmoTrance is that it helps the individual to get back in touch with their own feedback systems."

Robin DeStefani

"EmoTrance can literally do the world for your clients. It can make a world of difference to you in every way."

Sandra Hillawi

"What I am really excited about are the possibilities Silvia Hartmann is outlining in this work. This is what I want, this is what everyone of my clients wants."

Jim Hermann

"We live in an ocean of energy. The more we become aware of that movement in and around us, the more we are connected to the Creative Order and possibly find a little heaven on earth in ourselves. This is EmoTrance."

Dr Terry Lynch

"I had already been doing a form of emotional processing, but learning Emotrance has 'given me permission' to go further and faster with it. I am, and feel, deeply and profoundly grateful."

John, US

"EmoTrance is not only safe but an absolute joy to work with, it lifts and brightens the spirit, that's part of its design, you cannot fail to feel better, a fabulous by product of this simple but profound method."

Nicola Quinn

"My partner and I are very grateful to have discovered EmoTrance and be able to use it during our daily life."

Linda Austin

"Emotrance has changed my life! I read Oceans of Energy a few months ago and it has had such a profound effect on my everyday life, I love it! I only wish I'd found it earlier."

Kelly Mayne

"EmoTrance is such a beautiful way to help heal our world effectively and efficiently, ultimately on a large scale."

Jennine Allen

"Learning EmoTrance has been such a fabulous thing for me. I recommend it highly!"

Gaura Chandra

"I move around very freely these days, in a way that I hadn't been able to for a long time before I tried EmoTrance - and I feel great."

Bob Collier

"What I love about EmoTrance is that it helps us to relearn to use the systems we have been given to naturally process all the energies we encounter."

Susan Courtney

"Emotrance is adding new dimensions that have sent my head spinning. I can barely imagine what we will be doing with this technique in 6 months, what to speak of 6 years time."

Ananga Sivyer

"I’m a Thought Field Therapy practitioner/trainer and know the effects of energy therapies, but this is a true diamond as the star is in the night sky! EmoTrance is the crest jewel in the crown of energy therapies so far. I love it!"

Tyicia Silvyell

"After having passed nearly every school of meridian therapies and lots of methods in the surrounding of the Energy psychology I think that EmoTrance seems to be the one method that is nearest to the origin of were all the achievements of the other techniques come from."

Verena Stollnberger

"EmoTrance is fast, natural, elegant - and extremely powerful."

James Masterson

"What I find most exciting about EmoTrance is its simplicity and straight-forward approach to energy healing. It is direct, and, what is even better, it works."

Wellington Rodrigues

"I never experienced another way of treating psychological problems in such a brilliant, effective yet logical and natural way. EmoTrance is a huge step forward for every health professional and for mankind as a whole."

Gerald Stiehler

"Nothing in my considerable experience approaches the gentleness, joy and intelligence of EmoTrance."

Nan Rathjen

"Emotrance can change your life forever and for the best. I know it did for me."

Tom de Kok

"I’ve trained in what seems like a thousands therapies - and get a lot out of all of them. However, my husband is a scientist so he really only gets on with EmoTrance. He says it’s the only one that stands up under scrutiny, doesn’t involve guesswork and is so logical that you really can’t argue with it."

Katherine, US

"One light after the other went on in my head - of course! So simple, so powerful and so ****true*****! Brilliant, brilliant work and I am just overwhelmed with the sheer possibilities and potential of using this amazing system for - EVERYTHING!"

Shawna Lourette

"I absolutely loved the EmoTrance workshop, and am using it a LOT, for myself, and with my clients all over the world."

Susan, US

"What a wonderful, energising privilege and humbling experience to see and be a part of the transformations that took place. The changes were incredible, a fabulous experience for all of us."

Lisa Bundfuss

"Perhaps because the method bears similarities to the way I work with traumatised patients (I am a craniosacral therapist), EmoTrance really gels with me. So easy and yet so powerful."

Jon G Cassell

"EmoTrance can work wonders under very harsh circumstances, and work immediately."

J Allen

"It is only a short time that I have known EmoTrance and already wonderful things have happened!"

Detlev Tesch

"I have been working extensively with Emotrance since the first training in 2002 with great success in many areas of emotional trauma. Since those 3 days in Kensington I have been on the most wonderful journey of discovery."

John C. Bunker

"It has been a fantastic year for me - EmoTrance has enabled me to go and enjoy myself - something that I have not done for a long time."

Leslie Ackerman

"Time and time again I am left speechless and amazed at the incredible results I am achieving with this gloriously simple, loving system that is EmoTrance."

Jutta Kirchner

"I can't begin to tell you how my life has changed and how many doors have opened for thanks to EmoTrance. It's a living miracle!"

Jeremy Baker

"I feel like a whole new world of possibilities is waking up around me that I never knew even existed."

Helen Myrtford

"EmoTrance manages to illustrate without pretentiousness the quintessence of energy psychology."

Haus Casser

"Over the following years I have continued to use EmoTrance on myself and it has pulled me through every challenge I encountered."

Janet Dedman

"I personally think that EmoTrance is well worth checking it out because it is easy to learn, easy to do, easy to implement in your life - and extraordinarily effective."

Zannie Rose

"EmoTrance IS amazing, shout it from the roof tops and let’s get it promoted to a much larger audience!"

Kim Bradley

"EmoTrance is so incredibly simple and magically powerful. It is as simple as lighting up a match and watching all the darkness disappear, no matter how old and ancient the darkness is."

Mohammed Abdul-Razak

REAL Energy Magic For The 3rd Millennium.


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Smash That Invisibility Cloak! - EMO Energy In Motion Article

Smash That Invisibility Cloak! - EMO Energy In Motion Article

In this enlightening EMO Energy In Motion  (formerly EmoTrance) article, Master Practitioner Tanya Isdale recalls hows she broke her self-limiting 'Invisibility Cloak' and became a much more confident and outgoing person.

Read on for the full article...

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***** The EmoTrance Primer ORIGINAL ENGLISH

***** The EmoTrance Primer ORIGINAL ENGLISH

Silvia Hartmann writes: As we are moving forward into more new and exciting research and specialist applications, and as all original documentation on EmoTrance has been created in the English language and primarily for use by educated, First World Westerners, I thought it was extremely important at this time to write down the basic principles of the theory and practice of EmoTrance in the simplest possible terms, so that there can be no misunderstandings, and so that it becomes possible for anyone to learn about this new and practical system for working with the energy body directly, which has brought joy, relief and peace to so many already.

23,548 Reads More ...

The Battered Woman & EmoTrance

The Battered Woman & EmoTrance

EmoTrance has a new answer to an old problem - "Why do people stay in hurtful, painful, injurious relationships with people who beat them in mind, body and spirit?"

The old answer was, "Because they're weak, stupid, because they have low self esteem, because they enjoy being beaten up, they love to be punished and are masochists!" - especially if a person was serially finding partners, spouses and friends who all abused them.

EmoTrance has a totally different answer and a totally different way of treating "the battered woman" - which could also be of course, a man.

5,291 Reads More ...

EmoTrance Crystal Energy Workshop - Free!

EmoTrance Crystal Energy Workshop - Free!

It's conference time again - and many of our friends can't make it to the Europa to take part in the wonderful experience that is the EmoTrance conference. Other energy conferences try to be very scientific - with EmoTrance, we just want to have fun and a good time, playing with the many ways in which you can feel like a million dollars when your energy system wakes up and comes to life.

We thought about what we can do so people aren't sitting at home all sad and disappointed, so here is a gift for everyone - a lovely Crystal Energy workshop with all the exercises from ET09 to do by yourself, with friends or as a paying workshop - Enjoy!

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EmoTrance For Pet Loss, Grief & Pet Bereavement

EmoTrance For Pet Loss, Grief & Pet Bereavement

The grief, sadness and pain that some  people experience when their pet, their beloved companion dies, is a prime example of where the old ways of failing to understand how emotions really work has let us down. Thankfully, EmoTrance takes a completely different attitude to all emotional pain, including the pain of pet loss and pet bereavement.

5,162 Reads More ...

EmoTrance Case Story: It's Amazing (part one)

EmoTrance Case Story: It's Amazing (part one)

In this case story Advanced Practitioner of EmoTrance, Trainer and Trainer of Trainers Patricia Walls, details a case which she describes as a fantastic learning experience for her.

Patricia writes: Of all the therapies that I use in my practice, EmoTrance is by far my favourite and the most effective. 

Read on for the full story...

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EmoTrance Case Story: Dr Eric Robins‎ on Emotional Transformation

EmoTrance Case Story: Dr Eric Robins‎ on Emotional Transformation

In this case story EmoTrance Trainer & author Dr Eric Robins details a case with a lady complaining of medical issues. It is then revealed that marital strife may be to blame, and how EmoTrance was used to leave the couple ever more in love!


Read on for the full story...

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EmoTrance Case Story: Physical & Emotional Pain - Part Two

EmoTrance Case Story: Physical & Emotional Pain - Part Two

Dr Eric Robins shows once again how ET has helped people come off pain relief.

He writes: We ran this through several times until all blockages related to her mother were gone, then we reached an energized end state. I saw her two months later and she looked like a different person. All of her pain was about 70% better, she was off of all pain medications.

Read on for the full case study...

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EmoTrance Case Story: Physical & Emotional Pain - Part One

EmoTrance Case Story: Physical & Emotional Pain - Part One

EmoTrance Trainer & author Dr Eric Robins writes: I took him through ET, we ran it several times until he reached the energized end state. I saw him back about 1 month later, he told me the pain was 80% improved and that he was off of all narcotics, and that when thinking about the pain now, it just doesn't affect him and grip him like it had in the past.

Read on for the full case study...

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Gisèle Bourgoin and Caroline Beauchamp Launch First French EmoTrance Book

Gisèle Bourgoin and Caroline Beauchamp Launch First French EmoTrance Book

Gisèle Bourgoin and Caroline Beauchamp have written the worlds first book on EmoTrance in the French language.

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EmoTrance Case Story: Plagued by Panic Attacks

EmoTrance Case Story: Plagued by Panic Attacks

EmoTrance Trainer & author Dr. Eric Robins shows just how quick EmoTrance can work, even when facing a problem that has been engrained in the client's energy system for 5 years.

Dr Robins writes: About one month ago I was seeing a gentleman in the emergency room. We got to talking about some of the mind-body healing stuff that I do. His wife perked up and asked me if I thought EmoTrance could help her.

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EmoTrance Conference 2013 - Exploring The 1st Circuitry

This year's conference has a research format to investigate "the power of love" as a practical energy system occurrence. Here is a short excerpt from the conference manual about the program for the two days.

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EmoTrance Case Story: Throwing Energy (Balls!)

EmoTrance Case Story: Throwing Energy (Balls!)

Margareet Vink, an GOE Trainer from the Netherlands, writes: I discovered the throwing of energy during an EmoTrance training I did. There was somebody working on a shield and I was not quite convinced that the energy was flowing freely.

Read on for the full case story...

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EmoTrance Case Story: EmoTrance & Headaches

EmoTrance Case Story: EmoTrance & Headaches

AMT Trainer Magreet Vink from the Netherlands writes: I have been a headache person for as long as I know. I fell from the back of my father's bike when I was four, had a concussion at the time and I always blamed this for my headaches. There were times when I had to take pain killers every day, just to keep functioning.

I have never been able to tap away my headaches or to EmoTrance them away. I always thought it is just something I have to live with...

7,354 Reads More ...

EmoTrance 2013 - Registration Open!

EmoTrance 2013 - Registration Open!

Registration is now open for the 2013 EmoTrance Emotional Transformation Conference!

  • Dates: 6th & 7th April 2013
  • Location: Britannia Europa Hotel, London Gatwick United Kingdom

We've set a very special early-bird registration price (please note that you need to be a licensed and up-to-date practitioner to attend the conference):

  • EmoTrance Conference: £99.99 (normal price: £249.00)
  • EmoTrance Conference + Practitioner Training with Silvia Hartmann (4/5/6/7 April 2013): £199.99 (normal price: £498.00)
6,440 Reads More ...

EmoTrance Primer in Portuguese

EmoTrance Primer in Portuguese

We are pleased to present the EmoTrance Primer in Portuguese, kindly translated by Maria Luiza Tosold from Brazil.

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EmoTrance For World Energy Awareness Event 888

EmoTrance For World Energy Awareness Event 888

It's the World Energy Awareness Event!

And here is a classic and wonderful EmoTrance Energy Special for Energy888.

This is an easy energy exercise which is also very energizing, so have a go.

* You can do this at any time, not just for Energy888!

14,986 Reads More ...

EmoTrance Case Story: The Stuck Energy of Betrayal

EmoTrance Case Story: The Stuck Energy of Betrayal

After attending the 2012 Tenth Anniversary EmoTrance Conference and becoming one of the new generation of EmoTrance Practitioners, Dez Sellars decided to share his first professional Emotional Transformation session with a client.

Presenting Issues:

  • Husband betrayed her and slept with a neighbour for 7 months
  • Lets her husband walk all over her
  • Hospital fear of operation for this Thursday
  • Her Dad Passed away 3 years ago

Read on for the full case study...

8,932 Reads More ...

EmoTrance Primer in Swedish

EmoTrance Primer in Swedish

We are very pleased to introduce the EmoTrance Primer in Swedish! Thank you to Laura Moberg for translating.

5,618 Reads More ...

EmoTrance For Children Radio Interview With Dr Lynch

EmoTrance For Children Radio Interview With Dr Lynch

AMT Trainer Dr Terry Lynch from New Jersey, USA, explains how she has been using EmoTrance with children and teenagers to help them overcome challenges in life, at school and in sports.

7,923 Reads More ...

Full Conference Schedule EmoTrance 2012 Announced!

Full Conference Schedule EmoTrance 2012 Announced!

A wonderful, sparkling line up of energy experiences, new patterns and techniques and never-before published EmoTrance techniques to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of EmoTrance!

For all EmoTrance practitioners world wide, this is the place to be. Priceless inspiration in the true sense of the word, uplifting, re-charging, energizing - the very best in modern energy awaits ...

8,895 Reads More ...

10 Things You Might Not Know About The EmoTrance Conference ...

10 Things You Might Not Know About The EmoTrance Conference ...

People who haven't been to an EmoTrance conference have no idea what they let themselves in for!

Many think, "Ah it's the same old same old, like any other type of energy psychology conference ..." but that's not the case. So check out the ...

10,642 Reads More ...

EmoTrance 10 - Call for Presenters

EmoTrance 10 - Call for Presenters

We are pleased to welcome presentation proposals for the 2012 EmoTrance Energy Conference!

Read on for more details and what we are looking for...

18,713 Reads More ...
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