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Energy Dancing: Re-Claim The Joy Of Natural Movements

by Silvia Hartmann

Energy Dancing: Re-Claim The Joy Of Natural Movements

I have exciting news! We have a brand new, bright and truly amazing process to add to the EmoTrance family: Energy Dancing! Have you noticed how people come to life and start to glow, smile and move once energy is flowing properly in their bodies again?


Of course you have, and of course you have advised clients to "move with the feelings and sensations" as the energy starts to flow to help facilitate that process.

I've done that too and somewhere along the line, I came up with the idea of Energy Dancing:

What if we made special pieces of music and did EmoTrance with music? Wouldn't that be fun?

I tried it and boy! Yes it was fun and it worked amazingly.

As always, I then take out these ideas and try them with others, and when I did, I found out something really fascinating.

You know how people make movements and show you with their bodies where shields are, where their blockages are?

And how when you start an EmoTrance session, their hands will make unconscious movements of stroking, of pushing and spinning energy to facilitate the "Soften & Flow"?

Well, in Energy Dancing this really kicked in and you could feel how YOUR FEET WERE TRYING TO HELP OUT - completely unconsciously!

I noticed that and on one occasion, I said to someone, "Let your neck join in and make special movements to help unblock this stuck energy." The person started to weave their head in the most peculiar way and seconds later, they were smiling and completely delighted - somehow, the neck had known JUST WHAT MOVEMENTS TO MAKE to resolve the blockage!

I thought that was really cool and the next time I tried it, I deliberately gave instructions to have all the parts of the body join in and add their intention for wellness through movements - and wow!

It's absolutely amazing.

It feels - absolutely amazing, and the improvement in overall energy flow is nothing short of astonishing. And it's so quick!

It really does feel as though the body has been waiting for permission to do this, it rushes to happen.

The first time I tried it with a mixed audience, there was a gentleman in a wheelchair and he threw himself on the floor and was spinning and rolling around with the sheer joy of it. When I asked him later how that went with the instructions to wriggle your toes to improve the energy flow, he said he could feel all sorts of things going on and that he loved it!

This year at the EmoTrance conference (which you should try and attend if you can, there's so much going on!), I brought a first design Energy Dancing test to an audience, and even though there were problems with the sound system on the night, people responded so amazingly to it that I decided I MUST get this done and put it out - Energy Dancing is just too good to stay sleeping on my shelves.

As an EmoTrance practitioner, I KNOW you are going to not just enjoy this program, but LOVE it. You are going to use this and you are going to be able to put on it whatever YOU need to work on most - it's absolutely brilliant in that way.

Because of the speed and pure intensity of the energy experiences, I would say that it shaves off YEARS in learning about energy flow in your own body, your own set-ups and where you still have reversals and blockages, and it really inspires you to want to do MORE - more energy work, more healing and more LIVING!

This is a really brilliant program that is packed full with opportunities for healing, growth and just feeling good, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you should acquire this - not just for your clients, but especially for yourself!

Of course, you can use this process with clients and with groups of clients. It is quite simple and the instructions are clear and easily replicated for anyone who knows EmoTrance.

On top of that, you can use it with ANY piece of music you love - I can't begin to tell you of the experiences I've had with this, absolutely priceless, Guiding Star amazing.

You can also combine Energy Dancing with all the HypnoDreams and HypnoSolutions. As you might know, one of my all time favourites is Fame and Fortune, and to do these things "Energy Dancing" style is nothing short of a revelation.

Enough of the sales talk; you know me and I don't get excited for no good reason. I pride myself on my research being solid and that the products I create from this are likewise, reliable and perform exactly as it says on the box. Personally, I can't remember having been quite so excited about a new "invention" as I am about the Energy Dancing process.

I can't get over how easy it is, and how it affects people - even me!

I have negotiated the best discount I could for fellow EmoTrance trainers and practitioners because I believe this is a "must have" - not an add on, not an optional extra, but a true breakthrough tool kit for working with energy, and for *every* energy worker on the planet.

Order your copy of Energy Dancing with the EmoTrance members discount to purchase Energy Dancing at your extra special price from www.dragonrising.com (you must be logged in to claim your discount).

If you already love EmoTrance, you are going to ADORE Energy Dancing!

Excitedly yours,


Silvia Hartmann

Creator, EmoTrance & Energy Dancing

PS: Energy Dancing is also a wonderful introduction to EmoTrance for people who haven't heard about it yet and who just want something for stress release and to help them with weightloss and fitness etc. Let your clients know about this fabulous self help programme so they can practice EmoTrance at home and enjoy themselves as well.

PPS: Energy Dancing is a great program that offers an unprecedented opportunity to really demonstrate "the spirit of EmoTrance" even to complete newbies. As such, it is really beneficial for people of all fitness levels, walks of life, all ages. You can offer Energy Dancing as a stand alone dance or exercise class or course and show your neighbourhood the fun of working with energy at a whole new level!

PPPS: The great thing about this Energy Dancing programme is that you can really FEEL the energy moving. This makes energy work REAL for people who thought it was all a bit out there with the fairies! I SINCERELY hope YOU - just you, as a person! - will have as much fun with this as we have had with it, and are having still. As I said in the letter, this is a life skill and a real breakthrough in energy work for health AND happiness!

Silvia Hartmann, Creator of EmoTrance & Energy Dancing

Energy Dancing - Reclaim The Joy Of Natural Movement

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