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The 2010 EmoTrance Energy Conference - Report

by Sandra Hillawi

EmoTrance Conference

Sandra Hillawi, Master EmoTrance Trainer and MC at last weekend's EmoTrance Energy Conference, puts the Conference into her own words.

Sandra writes: "I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone again. The EmoTrance 2010 Energy Conference was the best conference yet! All our speakers were really amazing with fabulous inspiration for our business  and personal development."

Read on for Sandra's full event report...

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone again. The EmoTrance 2010 Energy Conference was the best conference yet! All our speakers were really amazing with fabulous inspiration for our business and personal development.

Alex Kent and Silvia Hartmann got us all excited about getting more internet traffic with Spacenodes;

Terry Lynch gave us a fantastic opening session helping us develop working with our healing hands;

Margarita Foley touched our hearts with her great love as always, on change and transformation;

Detlev Tesch brought his wealth of experience sharing advanced techniques to help when the energy is stuck;

Baya Salmon-Hawk was brilliant sharing her vast experience of how to handle people with serious mental health issues;

Kim Bradley inspired us all with ways of working with children at home and in schools and our own inner child;

Cheryl Hopkins really opened us up and built our understanding and confidence for helping businesses and organisations;

Hannah Bradley helped us heal and deepen our relationship with animals;

and Silvia Hartmann surpassed herself again with her very special and very personal MasterClass contribution.

The Presenters

The Presenters: (L-R) Hannah Bradley; Kim Bradley; Terry Lynch; Detlev Tesch; Margarita Foley; Cheryl Hopkins; and Sandra Hillawi


The organisation ran very smooth thanks to Alex and Steve Kent and also shining star Kim Bradley who was co-planner and organiser with me this year. Thanks to all the attendees for bringing your energy to the conference. It was absolutely lovely to share with you and meet you all in person and to build relationships within the EmoTrance family. It was a very uplifting and transformational event and though I've been working with EmoTrance since 2002, I still took away lots of ideas and inspiration for my personal life and practice.

Steve & Alex Kent

The DragonRising Team: (L-R) Steve Kent and Alex Kent

If you would like more information about any of the speakers and their subjects please feel free to contact them via the EmoTrance Practitioner Directory about their future events. The conference was recorded so these audio tracks will be well worth purchasing at a future date by anyone who missed out this year or who would like a refresher on the topics covered.

I look forward to hearing more from Alex about the Energy Psychology Conference in November, a broader event showcasing a wider range of therapies in our field plus new developments, and bringing a wider audience together also. It sounds really exciting too.



Just some of the attendees at this years EmoTrance Energy Conference!


Wishing everyone great joy and success in personal and professional life this year. and please don't forget that you are part of a community and everyone is willing to offer help and support in increasing awareness of EmoTrance and helping people transform and grow and have more joy in their lives.

With love,

Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi & Laura Hopkins

(L-R) MC Sandra Hillawi and Linda Hopkins - Thanks to Linda for providing these wonderful photos!



Brand New EmoTrance Trainers who took part in the Post-Conference Trainers Training!

  by Sandra Hillawi   
Sandra Hillawi
Sandra Hillawi

Sandra gained a BSc (Hons) in Physics from Manchester University, United Kingdom, and after a successful career in computing, discovered her passion for true physical, emotional and spiritual health.

She trained first as a Master Herbalist, which led her to the study of the emergent field of Energy Psychology in 2000, where she qualified first as a practitioner, then a trainer, and finally as a master trainer. Following her intensive work in private practice and having introduced thousands of people worldwide to the new concepts of energy and health, Sandra Hillawi is now being recognised as major contributor, driving force and acclaimed speaker, teacher and coach. The Love Clinic (DragonRising) was her first published work, expressing her heartfelt passion and desire to help people discover how to use the latest approaches to working with human mind, body and emotion so they can hurt less, love more and love better.

Sandra offers EFT and EmoTrance healing and personal development session, session packages, one day and weekend exclusive retreats, runs live training courses, web conference training plus detox and emotional healing retreats in the UK and Egypt.

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