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The Superfast EmoTrance Stress Release Technique

by Silvia Hartmann

The Superfast EmoTrance Stress Release Technique

This two minute experience in how easy and effective EmoTrance deals with disturbances in the energy body was developed as an introduction exercise to give people who have no experience of energy work "a taste of EmoTrance".

In just two minutes, it manages to teach some of the main principles of EmoTrance - as well as giving a very relaxing and HEALTHY experience, that with just a little practice, can become a real LIFE SKILL anyone can use right there and then, when it is needed.

For practitioners, this short exercise is PERFECT to introduce people to how easy and most of all, NATURAL EmoTrance is - and because you can FEEL the change in your energy system IN YOUR BODY, this answers many questions all in one go.

The Superfast

EmoTrance Stress Release


Press PLAY - This is an excerpt from the DragonRising Radio Show which also contains an example of EmoTrance BeauTyT, and EmoTrance Energy Dancing.


    Also available in the German Language Here:

  by Silvia Hartmann   

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