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How To Learn EmoTrance

How to learn EmoTrance, the NEWEST and most exciting energy modality for MODERN people in the REAL World: step by step - from a FREE ebook on EmoTrance Energy Magic all the way to becoming an official EmoTrance Trainer in your country.

How To Learn EmoTrance

EmoTrance is completely NATURAL, and the basics are really simple to learn and to do, but the more you know about it, the more profoundly fascinating it becomes and the more you can do with it.

Here is the suggested EmoTrance learning progression:

Free EmoTrance Introduction Ebook 1. Becoming Interested

Your first introduction is the FREE illustrated ebook on EmoTrance, It has all the basic principles, some core techniques to try out for yourself and lots of articles and case stories from EmoTrance trainers around the world to get you started.

EmoTrance is not just extremely effective, it is fascinating, because it opens our eyes to the worlds of energy, and how the effects of energy exchanges are all around us, every day, and in everything we do.

If you like what you have gathered so far, and you decide you would like to know more, the next step is to ...


EmoTrance: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love 2. Read The EmoTrance Manual

Save money and most of all, precious time and get all "the good stuff" right here.

The EmoTrance Manual conains ALL the core emotrance techniques, patterns, and all the information you need to do EmoTrance properly and get results.

This book is perfect for existing healing practitioners as well as individuals who want to literally transform their emotional experiences and bring more light, delight and joy into their lives.

Find An EmoTrance Practitioner in your country 3. Experience EmoTrance For Yourself.

Doing EmoTrance with an experienced and officially certified EmoTrance Practitioner is a whole new experience.

Whether you want to gain an insight into how a real EmoTrance practitioner helps a person release long standing problems to feel so much better, or whether you would like to try EmoTrance to solve a problem of your own, we recommend you contact an EmoTrance practitioner in YOUR country and request a free 15 minute EmoTrance trial session.

You have nothing to lose, and a most amazing LIFE SKILL to gain.

EmoTrance Home Study Course 4. Become A REAL EmoTrance Practitioner - Fully Certified Through Home Study

EmoTrance is still very new, so for those who want to learn EmoTrance but there is no practitioner or live training nearby, the EmoTrance Distance Learning course is the perfect solution.

Packed with practical exercises, especially designed by Dr Hartmann herself for the distance learning student's needs, this is an outstanding course that will give you not only all the information and practical skills you require to start practicing EmoTrance with clients, but also the confidence and experience to be a great Practitioner of EmoTrance.

Find out more about the EmoTrance Distance Learning course here.

Attend a Live EmoTrance Practitioner Training - more fun than you've ever had before! 5. Attend An Official EmoTrance LIVE Event

Most trainers provide low cost, one day personal experience or personal development workshops.

During such a workshop, not only do you get to work on your own issues, but you will also learn more of the finer points of the techniques and become aware of many more applications and circumstances in which EmoTrance can be most helpful. In working and discussing EmoTrance with others, you achieve a new depth of understanding and skill with EmoTrance, and of course, you can also ask for personal help from the trainer and the assistants during the workshop.

On the second day, you can attend the official EmoTrance Practitioner Certification Training Workshop.

The live workshops are a wonderful way to gain confidence and become skilled with EmoTrance.

We always say, "EmoTrance isn't brain surgery!" to remind people that EmoTrance is easy, natural and so very powerful because we're not alone - we are helped all the way by the very design of our own bodies, minds, and energy bodies which all want nothing more than to establish "the even flow".

Find a live EmoTrance event to attend here.

6. The EmoTrance Trainer's Training

EmoTrance is a hugely successful and extremely popular healing modality - there is simply nothing like it in the world!

Amongst the real benefits of EmoTrance are the immediate impact on the way we feel and think; the absence of religious dogma which makes EmoTrance viable to all major world religions without causing a conflict of faith; the sheer elegance and ease of use; the logic of the theory behind EmoTrance; the fact that no touching needs to take place; the safety and comfort of the techniques; the way it empowers both client and practitioner equally; how EmoTrance dovetails so beautifully with literally any serious and correct healing approach without conflict; that it is so easy to learn and not least of all, that EmoTrance is so hopeful, pro-active, positive and joyful in essence.

All of these and the user friendly, simple techniques make EmoTrance an excellent choice for any existing health practitioner who has long wanted to include the benefits of energy healing into their practice, but felt that the existing approaches were simply too esoteric, too complicated, or too off putting to their clients, colleagues and supervisors.

As an EmoTrance trainer, not only can you share the progress and joy that is EmoTrance with others who are helping people through the practitioner certification, you can also give advanced EmoTrance workshops, and run courses and trainings based on EmoTrance that are important to you and successful in your local community.

Presently there are EmoTrance trainers developing and presenting their own workshops to students and teachers, Reiki practitioners, Relationship counsellors, Stress Management professionals, Hypnotherapists and many other special interest groups.

Teaching EmoTrance is tremendously rewarding, very easy and as delightful to the trainer, as it is to the participants!

How To Learn EmoTrance

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of EmoTrance -

The NEWEST Energy Modality In The World Today

Created By Real People For Real People

To Heal, To Restore, To Energize

To Bring Back Joy and Love of Life To All -

And Help Make The World A Better Place!

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